Our Location

WARSAW, Poland

In the heart of Europe, in Warsaw, Poland we operate to serve the Clients around the globe. Unique location allows us to provide the Follow the Sun support services for EMEA, Americas, and Asia. Maximum 6 hours time zone difference allows us to cooperate with Certified Partners in within their business hours.

Poland that since May 1st, 2005 is a member of European Union, and became the leader of economic growth. Poland, as country well-known from its technology capabilities (126 state universities), is a place where biggest IT players locates their IT Centers: HP, IBM, Intel, Simens, Google, P&G and many others. Polish professionals combines drive, dedication with excellent set of technical skillset, which makes them excellent asset on the global IT market. Thanks to stable economy, strategic location and great value for many resources we are able to provide Best Class Solutions at Affordable Price.


Our Headquarters is located in the center of Warsaw, Capital of Poland. City known form its rich history, hospitality, hard-working people.

InfiniteDATA Sp. z o.o.

ul. Srebrna 16, 00-810 WARSAW, Poland



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