Workload Automation Design Service

Sooner or later, every organization that has invested in Data Warehousing (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions faces the challenge of Information Delivery efficiency. InfiniteDATA services can help such organizations to optimize their Information Delivery processing, so they can process the data more efficient and deliver information faster. We help our Clients to identify and resolve the scheduling bottlenecks.

Our service proposition covers:

Genuine "AS IS" Assessment

  • - we will explore current system, perform interviews to understand the current state
  • - gather and analyze processing historical records
  • - identify your Workload Automation governance challenges
  • - document and align "AS IS" state within your information delivery organization

Analsis of the BOTTLNECKS

  • - we will spot the bottlenecks of the current processing
  • - find better orchestration patterns 
  • - expose performance optimization and automation opportunities

"TO BE" Design 

  • - we will design optimized workload automation system 
  • - you will get full services design with optimized orchestration of workflows and tasks.
  • - you will get service level and operational level definitions and measurement guidelines
  • - you will get workload automation and scheduling governance guidelines tailored to your system and organization.
  • - you will be all set for scheduler implementation or tool conversion project.


InfiniteDATA team can run the Workload Automation Design (WAD) Service against your targeted KPI's like: Daily Processing time improvement by X%, SLA success rate improvement by X% etc.

Time is money, do not waste it and Contact us Now!  for more information. Our experienced consultant will provide you with more details.