SLA Protection for Information Delivery

In business every second counts! Your Information Delivery SLA commitments are crucial for making the right business decision at the right time.

At InfiniteDATA we understand it and equip you with Service Level Protection at all Data Warehouse processing stages: Data Reception, Processing and Serving.

InfiniteDATA ScheduleIN® is a Workload Scheduling and Automation system designed for orchestrating the Information Delivery Processes. Finally you can monitor Data Warehouse operations from the perspective of Services, not Tasks! 

At Data Reception you can monitor OLA fulfillments by data providers (source systems). Be notified on late arrivals so you can PROACTIVELY act on the situation to protect SLA commitments. We provide you the functionality of building OLA fulfillment scorecards, so you can improve your data acquisition chains and measure how they influenced your Service Level commitments.

At Processing you can monitor Data Warehouse processes at all levels: task, workflow and service. At any time you know what is your progress %, what is the estimate at completion and remaining time to finish the process. We always show you critical chain, so you now what processes may impact your SLA commitments. On anomalies you will be proactively notified and automate actions can be taken.

At Serving you can monitor Services execution vs. baselines and SLA deadlines. You have at the spot how much time you are left and if your SLA is at risk. Undertake appropriate priority management and communication can be proactively undertaken.

Our Proactive Monitoring and Notification will inform you about any event that may impact your SLA commitments. 

We help you to orchestrate your processes and migrate it to ScheduleIN®, so you can get immediate processing acceleration.

ScheduleIN® will reduce your SLA misses by at least 50%!

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