Customer Service Levels

We are dedicated to every Client success, so we never leave You without assistance. Our Clients has different support needs depending on the nature of their Information Delivery implementations. To respond it InfiniteDATA defined tree Customer Service Programs that define different levels of support service.

  • Bronze is a basic service level suitable for majority of Clients. 
  • Silver is a proposition for organizations where Information Delivery plays critical role. 
  • Gold addresses the most demanding customer with 24x7 support needs. 

Service Desk

Defects Corrections




Optional dedicated service delivered for 2-4 weeks after production cut over. It covers onsite visits (2-3 times a week). The key purpose of HyperCere is to:

  • Ensure that solution is working well in the Client's specific environment and implementation. 
  • Allow fastest possible reaction onsite in case of post-conversion issues
  • Support Client with answers on "how to" questions  

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