Education Services

InfiniteDATA provide comprehensive trainings on Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. Our aim is to equip our Clients with knowledge, best practices and understandingvariety of Information Delivery disciplines, so they can serve their business with better data, faster.

  1. Introduction to Data Warehousing
  2. Successful Delivery of Data Warehousing Project 
  3. Introduction to Information Delivery Service Management
  4. Service Management for Data Warehousing
  5. Workflow Scheduling and Automation for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  6. Introduction to Data Governance
We also help you to speed quickly on InfiniteDATA software products - learn how to get the most value out of your powerful product investment. In our training location Warsaw (Poland) we offer a comprehensive training to InfiniteDATA users around the world, helping them take full advantage of the comprehensive functionality in InfiniteDATA solutions. Topics covered include administration, migration, integration of software solutions, and more.
  1.  InfiniteDATA ScheduleIN® User Course
  2.  InfiniteDATA ScheduleIN® Administration Course  

You can take courses at training center or bring us in to do personalized training at your site.

Please Contact us Now! to request the latest Customer Education Catalog or ask for dedicated sessions. We'll have a education expert to design a custom session to meet your unique needs. 

Upcoming Education Events you can find here.