ScheduleIN Architecture

ScheduleIN® introduces clear and simple architecture concept. There are five architecture components: ScheduleIN® Client, ScheduleIN® Agents, ScheduleIN® Server, Processes and Communication Channels.

ScheduleIN® Client is the interface through which user interacts with the System. ScheduleIN® requires InfiniteDATA's recommended, popular internet browsers to run Client. We designed System in the way is supports flexibility and mobility, so our Users may use System from whatever workstation he likes. Web browser is all what is required.
ScheduleIN® Server constitutes the heart of the System, it cooperates with ScheduleIN® Agents to get the view of the processes current status, manages the logic of the processing, stores all metadata of the system, processing history and statistics. Server is responsible for the management of all scheduling activities of the System. It may be configured in FailOver mode that assures your System Operations even when Primary Server or gets down.
ScheduleIN® Agents are the components of the System settled down in particular environment (instance) where processes are being executed. The nature of the Agents is related to logics and specifics of particular Operation System of the environment the work on. Agents are in constant communication with the ScheduleIN® Server executing requested processes management activities, reporting about the status of processes execution.
Processes are external to ScheduleIN®, nevertheless are the part of the entire System. Processes operate in the specific environment of the System and execute activities of the system. Their execution on one hand depends on the ScheduleIN® Server, which controls the schedule, the conditions, parameters, frequency and process execution surrounding, on the other hand depends on ScheduleIN® Agent who is the executor and supervisor of the Server instructions.
Communication Channels determines the means to get with notification (alarm message) to the User. ScheduleIN® Server in the standard version allows defining two communication channels: email and SMS. On top of the standard, InfiniteDATA consultants can define one-sided communication from ScheduleIN® to any Enterprise Service Desk system API.
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