ScheduleIN Capabilities

Single Point of Control

From its single interface, you can define, monitor, control, manage and integrate workloads regardless of the processing platform. This helps to simplify management and reduce operational costs. You can also view and monitor the workload as a logical business process rather than a series of unrelated processes and jobs on multiple platforms. Simple customization allows you to set up your business monitoring practices according to your needs.

Flexible Job Automation

Provides comprehensive automation based on processing logic, predefined job dependencies, calendar events or file arrivals. Job initiation conditions based on a calendar event (basic time and day or custom calendars) and other external events.

Ease of Use

The intuitive user interface is build with a philosophy of One-Click-Away. It makes designing and deploying complex workflows simple. It’s tailored to facilitate administration, monitoring and control of business processes the optimal way. One-Click-Away navigation and control are at your fingertips. It’s easy to access end-to-end visualization of production workflows and troubleshooting information as you assess downstream impacts across complex environments.

Multi-platform Scheduling

ScheduleIN® manage and visualize a Information Delivery process end-to-end across platforms from a central point of control. ScheduleIN® supports UNIX, Windows and Linux client/ server-based architecture. Advanced agent technology extends job scheduling capabilities to remote platforms.

Application Integration

Implementing applications in new or existing client/server infrastructures is a significant undertaking and a substantial investment in terms of resources and capital.
Integration with InfiniteDATA ScheduleIN® allows major business applications to be managed with reliability and flexibility. You gain compatibility and consistency across workflows and more granular integration across applications. Managing ERP, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence associated workload from a central point also helps to reduce operating costs and improve visibility.

Service Level Protection

Today’s enterprise Information Delivery environments are rapidly growing in size and complexity. IT is often handling a combination of legacy systems, in-house applications, Web services, virtual machines, and cloud environments, managing service level agreements (SLA’s) becomes difficult and time consuming.

ScheduleIN® allows to define and track both Operational Level Agreements and Service Level Agreements and monitor processes from Service Level impact processes. Active monitoring, proactive notification and real-time automatic recovery assure the timely service delivery. Multi-dimensional dashboard reporting allows analyzing OLA and SLA fulfillments, search for patterns and process optimizations.

High Availability

Provides reliability and fault tolerance at both process and system level. You can verify that job processing occurred as expected and react to problems before they impact business operations. Reliable, lights-out operations can be achieved with intelligent, automated recovery. This facilitates availability of business systems by enabling jobs to be completed accurately and on time. High Availability provides for jobs to run on time in the event of a machine failure and enables jobs to continue processing without interruption.

Critical Path Analysis

Critical Chain analysis is always available for graphical analysis of critical processes or services bottlenecks.  Visual framework of Gantt Chart provides the unique ability to identify and understand the business impact of a task within workflow or service.  You can optimize overall process duration by applying acting around critical chain tasks within the service.

Processing Forecasting

Workloads grouped according to information delivery services across the enterprise, InfiniteDATA ScheduleIN® can automatically calculate due time for processes based on historical run time statistics. You always process against the valid baseline. Notification can be provided for overdue tasks, workflows or services, or you can take other type of actions like bypassing less critical tasks or workflows.

Resource Optimization

ScheduleIN® has the ability to coordinate workload based on available resources. Scarce resources can be shared effectively among the workloads in the way that allows optimized processing execution.

Proactive Notification and Resolve

ScheduleIN®  enables real-time monitoring and predictive notification on the progress of Enterprise-wide information delivery processes. Exception in the processing can initiate automatic notification via SMS, email, or IT Ticketing System. Information for troubleshooting can be retrieved at the button click for analyze and resolve the situation, thereby minimizing the potential impact.


InfiniteDATA ScheduleIN® is extremely efficient at processing high job volume workloads with a single scheduling server instance. When other solutions require multiple server instances to centrally monitor and control workload across enterprise, InfiniteDATA propose single server instance that is able to process hundreds of thousands of jobs with high availability option.

Role-based Access and Administration

To facilitate security compliance and improve controls, ScheduleIN® provides role-based access and administration. System can be accessed by and used by many roles and functions across the enterprise. In this way, problems can be quickly diagnosed and corrected. Every action on the system is logged to provide the revision path for audit purposes.

Audit Support

Auditing of changes to the schedule is maintained to provide that no unauthorized changes occur. InfiniteDATA ScheduleIN® allows users to define access permissions at any level, and if there are problems, view what was changed by whom and when.

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