Data Warehouse Scheduling and Automation

You can get much more from your current Information Delivery processing. 

Information Delivery processes orchestration may save 15%-40% of total processing duration! Deliver more with the same resources. Siingle view of what is happening at Data Warehouse processing chain gives you ability to react faster on unexpected incidents. 

InfiniteDATA ScheduleIN® is a Workload Scheduling and Automation system engineered for Information Delivery purposes. It allows to:

  • - Design processes in the optimal way using statistics, critical chain analysis, best DWH practices.
  • - Provides resource management capabilities (Locks, Stocks)
  • - Organize tasks into workflows and workflows into services
  • - Schedule services based on many predefined or user defined calendars
  • - Monitor processing at each level (task, workflow, service) and proactively notify at events
  • - Track and report execution vs. SLA
  • - Monitor and report OLA commitments fulfillmen
  • - Provides rich reporting and analysis capabilities.

The key success factors of our Clients are: combination of ScheduleIN® system capabilities with InfiniteDATA Services.

  •  - We perform "As is" assessment and propose  "To be" design.  Learn more...
  •  - We convert your current solution to ScheduleIN®Learn more...
  •  - We take care of the system from day one HyperCare Service. Learn more...
  • - We educate so you can manage DWH processes by yourself. Learn more...

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