Proactive Monitoring and Notification

At InfiniteDATA we believe the Information Delivery monitoring should be PROACTIVE. Do you know you could learn that something is about to happen before it really happens? Now it is possible with InfiniteDATA ScheduleIN®.

We collect the historical runs statistics, analyze it  and build the baseline for your current processing, so you know how well you are doing today.

We notify you on late start, long run and other events of the task, workflow or service you are running.

Analyze your Information delivery processing critical chains on the fly and notify proactively on anomalies like unexpected critical path change.

We equip you with data reception process monitoring and notification (OLA commitments fulfillment) so you can take actions on data source systems proactively.

Monitor the current status of services execution vs. SLA commitments. Get the information on SLA at risk before you miss it.

Enjoy automate restartability of the tasks, and automate workflows initiations on failures.

See more, do more.

Check our Workload Automation and Scheduling system ScheduleIN®. It was built to allow PROACTIVE actions on anomalies before they put your SLA commitments at risk.

Time is money, do not waste it and Contact us Now!  for more information.